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2013, Vol.43


Battery Bimonthly ( Dianchi in Chinese)

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All Contents in English, Battery Bimonthly ( Dianchi in Chinese)


Vol.43, Number 1(Serial No.219), Feb., 2013


Application of ionic liquid PP13TFSI in Li-ion battery

CAO Hui et al


Synthesizing lithium sulfur battery cathode material nickel sulfide by microwave method

HAN Dong-mei et al


Intercalated-Li performance of SnO2/MCMB core-shell composite anode material

ZHANG Bei-bei et al


Application of zeolite 4A to improve electrolyte

WANG Jing et al


Preparating manganese dioxide/graphene composite by microwave-hydrothermal method

CHEN Zhong et al


Performance of LiFePO4/C synthesized by thermal reduction method

WEN Qian-qian et al


Carbon coated lithium iron phosphate prepared with bamboo fiber as carbon source

LUO Guo-en et al


Effects of button cell shells on electrochemical performance test of Li-ion battery materials

ZHAO Ting et al


Seal failure and its detection of alkaline Zn/MnO2 battery

LOU Xiao-tian


Synthesis and performance of layered cathode material LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2-xClx

ZHANG Hai-lang et al


High temperature cycle performance of lithium iron phosphate cathode Li-ion battery

GUO Xiao-bing et al


Effects of manganese doping amount on performance of lithium ferrous silicate

ZHANG Sheng-li et al


Performance of 1865140 type (LiMn2O4+LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2)/Li4Ti5O12 battery

ZHANG Yan-xia et al


Effect of yttrium-doping on AB5-type hydrogen storage alloys and the sealed battery

LIAO Xing-qun et al


Special provisions of lithium battery transporting in international regulation

ZHU Hong-kun et al


Progress in acoustic emission in-situ measurement to the pulverization of hydrogen storage alloy during hydrogen absorption/ desorption

DONG Xiao-ping et al


Research progress in direct formic acid fuel cell

LU Yan-zhuo et al


Research status quo of Sb-based anode materials for Li-ion battery

ZHANG Yong et al


Research status quo of cathode material LiMnO2 for Li-ion battery

JU Hua et al


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Vol.43, Number 2(Serial No.220), Apr., 2013

The effect of Co3+-doping on structure and performance of Li4Ti5O12

WANG Dan et al


Synthesis and electrochemical performance of carbon nanofibers coated LiMn0.6Fe0.4PO4

ZHOU Bin et al


Improving discharge performance of Li/FeS2 battery

SHANG Xiang-li et al


Preparation and performance of Sn2Sb@carbon core-shell structure anode material

SUN Da-wei et al


Effect of doped Na2SO4-electrolyte on the performance of sulfur-oxygen SOFC

WU Peng et al


Application of environmental sealant for paperlined battery

KONG Han-yuan


Effects of potassium acetate on electrochemical performance of spinel lithium manganese oxide

WANG Li-zhen et al


Effect of hot alkaline treatment on the electrochemical  performance of the hydrogen storage alloy

ZHOU Nan et al


Synthesis and performance of carbon nano-tube modified lithium titanium oxide

YANG Mao-ping et al


Synthesis and performance of Al-doped ZnO/reduced graphene oxide composite

ZHANG Xia et al


Investigation of test requirement for safety of Li-ion battery

WANG Cai-juan et al


The design of control system for positive sheet automatic feeder

LI Jiao et al


Safety protection for battery testing laboratories

XU Rong et al


Patent information analysis of Li-ion battery in China

ZHU Ke et al


Research progress in Si-based apatite as electrolyte materials

YANG Tian-rang et al


Application of carbon fiber felt on sodium sulfur battery

ZHANG Li et al


Research status quo of optimum charging technology for Li-ion battery

GUO Zhen et al


The determination of Fe() content in NixCoyMn1-x-y(OH)2

CHEN Cai-juan et al


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Vol.43, Number 3(Serial No.221), Jun., 2013

Sulfonated bentonite modified Nafion membrane for direct methanol fuel cell

TIAN Zhe et al


Effects of Nd3+ doping on the electrochemical performance of lithium titanate

WANG Hao et al


Performance of LiFe(PO4)2.99/3Br0.01/C prepared via sol-gel method

ZHENG Jie et al


Hydrothermal synthesis and electrochemical performance of V2O5 nanorods

HUANG Wen-da et al


Synthesis and electrochemical performance of ball-in-ball structure LiFePO4/C

CHEN Xing et al


Potassium ferricyanide/carbon used as cathode material of lithium secondary battery

ZHOU Fei et al


Performance of cathode material LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 coated LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2

HU Guo-rong et al


Synthesizing Li-rich cathode material 0.7Li2MnO3-0.3LiNiO2 via low-temperature combustion process

LI Hai-ming et al


Effect of sulfur content and type of collector on performance of Li/S battery

WANG Xue-li et al


Synthesis and performance of cathode material Li3(V1-xLix)2(PO4)3/C

XIAO Qing-hua et al


Catalysis of 2-D conjugated polymers of metal-porphyrazine with sulfur bridges to the Li/SOCl2 cell

WANG Ya-Qin et al


Improving of gasket explosion-proof pressure testing device for alkaline Zn/MnO2 battery

WANG Jing-feng et al


Performance of Li2Fe1-x-yMnxNiySiO4/C composite prepared by microwave method

MA Li-hua et al


Hydrophilic polypropylene melt-blown nonwoven as Ni/MH battery separator

WANG Hong et al


Research status quo of the lead-carbon battery

CHEN Fei et al


Progress in doping and coating to 5 V level cathode material LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4

LIU Zu-shan et al


Research progress in composite electrolyte materials for intermediate-to-low temperature solid oxide fuel cell

HUANG Jin et al


Progress in electrode materials and electrolyte for aqueous Li-ion battery

SHANG Yu et al


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Vol.43, Number 4(Serial No.222), Aug., 2013

Interfacial electrochemical behaviour of Li[Li0.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13]O2

LI Hui-feng et al


Preparing LiMn0.75Fe0.2Ni0.05PO4/C by oxalate co-precipitation method

DU Ke et al


Effect of electrolyte on low temperature discharge performance of Li-ion battery

ZHAO Jin-cheng et al


Modifying lithium titanium oxide as Li-ion battery anode material by doping Mg

XIAO Zhi-ping et al


Performance degradation law of fuel cell system for stationary power plant

LIU Ya-nan et al


Electrochemical performance of nickel hydroxide electrode doped metal ions

GAO Xiao-rui et al


Performance of LiFePO4/C synthesized by hydrothermal with different reaction system

LOU Yong-bing et al


Effects of precursor synthesizing conditions to the performance of LiCo0.05Mn1.95O4

ZHAO Ling et al


Study on high temperature performance of lithium thionyl chloride battery

YANG Zhong-fa et al


Influence of MMA-grafting on the lithium and natural graphite interface

JU Hua et al


Heat-sealing conditions of thin aluminum laminated foil for Li-ion battery

ZHENG Yu-ying et al


Cycle performance of VRLA battery with different plate group electrolyte saturation

BAO You-fu et al


Synthesizing cathode material LiMnPO4/C via co-precipitation method

SHANG Wei-li et al


Sealing features of radial feed roller spinning formed LR6 battery

LOU Xiao-tian


A review of the advances in direct carbon fuel cell

HEI Yuan-fei et al


Research progress in high-voltage cathode materials for Li-ion battery

ZHANG Kai-qing et al


Research progress in the sodium-ion battery cathode material

XU Shuo-jiong et al


Progress in carbon nanotube based composite anode materials for Li-ion battery

FU Dong-ju et al


Application of hermeticity detection technology in mode of vacuum differential pressure test in Li-ion battery industry

KANG Ting-ting et al


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Vol.43, Number 5(Serial No.223), Oct., 2013

Hierarchical porous carbon applied in electric double layer capacitor

LI Peng-hui et al


Anode gas diffusion layer for solid polymer electrolyte electrolyzer

LIU Gao-yang et al


Performance of Li-ion battery coated silica on graphite anode

ZHONG Kuan et al


Submicro LiFePO4/C prepared by fast precipitation-carbothermal reduction method

PENG Zhong-dong et al


Influence of graphite shape collocation on performance of Li-ion battery anode

WANG Li-zhen et al


Performance of Li-ion battery using film-forming additive ES

YANG Guang et al


Hydrogen storage performance of amorphous Ti2Ni0.95Zn0.05 after electroless Ni-P

WANG Yin-jie et al


High temperature solid-state reaction process between Ni0.5Co0.2Mn0.3(OH)2 and Li2CO3

LI De-sheng et al


Performance of ionic liquid based mixed electrolyte in LiFePO4/Li cell

LI Fei et al


Analysis of cold cranking performance of lead-acid starter battery

LI Lei et al


In memory of Prof.Xia Xi


Research progress in preparing cathode material lithium cobalt phosphate

DU Chen-qiang et al


Advance in performance improvement of lithium-sulfur battery

LIU Yun-xia et al


Patent information analysis of Zn/MnO2 primary battery in China

ZHU Ke et al


Application progress in carboxymethyl cellulose in Li-ion battery

YANG Yi-xuan et al


Instructions for authors


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Vol.43, Number 6(Serial No.224), Dec., 2013


Preparation of silicon/silver composite by liquid phase reduction method

CUI Tao et al


Synthesis and performance of flower-like and spherical Li1.13[Mn0.534Ni0.233Co0.233]0.87O2

HUANG Yan-ling et al


Synthesizing sodium-ion battery cathode material iron phosphate by co-precipitation method

XU Shuo-jiong et al


Preparing coconut shell activated carbon for lithium-sulfur battery

GUO Yu-qiang et al


Synthesizing manganese-cobalt oxide for SOC metallic interconnect coating by low-temperature self-propagating method

WU Xiao-fang et al


Amorphous metal borides used as anode catalyst for DBFC

LI Sai et al


Synthesizing anode material napthalenedicarboxylate lithium by solvothermal and solution method

GOU Lei et al


Effect of quenching agent on rapidly quenched La12Ce3Fe10Ni63Mn5Al6B alloy

LI Bao-quan et al


Improving the performance of lithium manganese phosphate by oxalic acid-assisted synthesis

YI Hui-hua et al


Performance of anode material lithium vanadate prepared by solid state method

LU Xiao-hu et al


Modified polypropylene separator with nano silicon dioxide/polyimide coating

HU Xu-yao et al


Multiwalled carbon nanotube films for cathode of Li-air battery

LIU Dun et al


Synthesis and lithium intercalated performance of porous zinc cobaltate

SONG Xiong et al


Progress in graphene-based electrode materials for supercapacitor

RUAN Dian-bo et al


Research progress in cathode material poly-anionic lithium iron silicate

ZHANG Zheng et al


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