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Please read Preface for Battery Bimonthly, Vol.31, 2001   by Prof.K.Kordesch



BATTERY BIMONTHLY, is jointly published by Hunan Light Industry Research Institute, Changsha,Hunan,410015,China and China National Battery Industry Information Center, Changsha city, Hunan Province, 410015 China.


 Editor-in-Chief: Wen Li



 BATTERY BIMONTHLY (Dianchi in Chinese ) is the winner of the First Award of China National Journals, which mark Top 50 Scientific and Technical Journals in China in recent 50 years.

 BATTERY BIMONTHLY (Dianchi in Chinese )


Since its founding in 1971, Battery Bimonthly is widely read and warmly welcomed by China battery industry and our readeres worldwide.

BATTERY BIMONTHLY (Dianchi in Chinese )


Aims to promote the theoretical study on battery technology

Carries Important scientific and technical papers

Keeps you abreast of the up-to-date advances and recent developments in China battery industry

Acquaints you with China battery markets

Standing columns and regular features include: "Technical report", "Research & development", "Battery market news ""World battery industry ""New books ""News in brief".

   Edited and Published by BATTERY BIMONTHLY Editorial Office, Changsha, Hunan, 410015  China

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Here is the Preface for Battery Bimonthly, Vol.31, 2001  


Preface for Battery Bimonthly, Vol.31, 2001

奥地利格拉茨技术大学  Karl Kordesch

Technical University Graz, A-8010 Graz, Austria   Karl Kordesch


To the new Editor in Chief of Battery Bimonthly, Wen Li, the first volume issued in the new century is a special event which deserves proper recognition of his efforts.

In August 2000 the 30th Anniversary of Battery Bimonthly was celebrated. Some historical review of his commitment is really deserved. Since April 1984 Wen Li worked as an editor of Battery Bimonthly. I was always aware of his special work as English editor, for his dedicated efforts to obtain international contributions, also from Japan and Russian sources and thereby widen the scope of the Journal and increase the usefulness for the readers in China and with time getting world-wide recognition. Winning Award of China National Best Scientific and Technical Journals in 1992 and 1997 and then another also in 1999 was the result. The Ministry of Light Industry and the Hunan People's Government had an excellent representative of the Battery Industry in Wen Li. In the year 2000 he was duly promoted to become a Research Fellow of the Hunan Light Industry Research Institute. Personally I really did appreciate his interest in new developments in the areas of Alkaline Rechargeable MnO2-Zn batteries and in Fuel Cell Systems and Hybrids. Wen  Li also supported the National Chinese efforts at universities and in companies by publishing their papers and describing the various new exhibits at industrial fairs. This way Chinas capabilities, wishes for beneficial mutual global extension and efforts for international co-operation were documented. Wen Li was not only concerned with the scientific and technical high level of Battery Bimonthly, he also managed the financial budget since 1994 and greatly imp roved the income from advertising. Without that the large expansion and usefulness of Battery Bimonthly would not have been possible.

The transfer of Battery Bimonthly from a Journal with printed volume editions to an Internet journal with Online editions was Wen Lis most recent success. This way an instant communication with scientific institutions and related companies is possible. A personal contact is very important and in many cases quickly can clear up misunderstandings. The Battery Bimonthly website - http://www.batterypub.com - allows the exchange with readers world-wide and educates also visitors about Chinas battery industry and the opening of the e-mail connection makes it possible to accept contributions directly and with a far higher quality than previously possible by fax communications only. I am sure that Battery Bimonthly will have bright future in the 21st Century and to achieve the best is certainly the goal of the new Editor in Chief Wen Li. I wish him the Best Success in his efforts!



    Karl Kordesch(1922-)奥地利Graz技术大学教授(Professor Dr.phil., Dr.techn.hc.),曾任国际电化学学会副理事长秘书长详见《电池》19884期第8-9E-mail: kkmno2@aol.com        Fax:43-316-83-76-19  


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