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2012, Vol.42


Battery Bimonthly ( Dianchi in Chinese)

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All Contents in English, Battery Bimonthly ( Dianchi in Chinese)


Vol.42, Number 1(Serial No.213), Feb., 2012


The mechanism research of seepage on the surface of air electrode

YANG Yong-qing et al


Synthesis of manganese dioxide/activated carbon composite by low temperature solid-state method

ZHANG Yong et al


Matching and optimization of working condition of liquid feed direct methanol fuel cell

LIU Gui-cheng et al


Electrochemical and Li+ diffusion performance of LiMn2O4 with different morphology

GUO Yong-lin et al


Synthesis of sphere anode material Li4Ti5O12 by sol-gel method

SHAO Dan et al


Effects of ammonia dosage on synthesis and performance of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2

HAN En-shan et al


Catalysis of 1-D polymers of iron thiaphthalocyanine to the Li/SOCl2 cell

LI Wen-jie et al


Temperature control in production process of Li-ion battery

ZHANG Hai-lin et al


Effects of electrolyte on performance of cylindrical Li/MnO2 battery

HE Xian-wen et al


Improve high temperature performance of LiMn2O4 by adding LiBOB in electrolyte

SONG Xiao-na et al


Thermal properties of separator for Li-ion battery prepared by different methods

WANG Hai-wen et al


Preparation and performance of polymer Li-ion battery with high safety performance

WANG Xing-wei et al


The long term storage performance of MH/Ni battery

QIU Zhong-ming et al


Research progress in Li-ion battery cathode material lithium manganese phosphate

QIU Jing-yi et al


Research status quo of heat treatment to aluminum alloy electrode for battery

LIU Xiao-feng et al


Research progress in cathode material Li2MSiO4 for Li-ion battery

LAN Jian-yun et al


Rapid determination of nickelcobalt and manganese content in LiCoxNiyMn1-x-yO2

TAN Jing-jin et al


Potassium permanganate based potentiometric titration of electrolyte of VRB

FANG Lei et al


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Vol.42, Number 2(Serial No.214), Apr., 2012


Effect of Al2O3 coated Li(Ni0.4Co0.2Mn0.4)O2 on morphology and structure of separator

LIU Hao-han et al


Recovery of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance after being poisoned by SO2

ZHAI Jun-xiang et al


Structure and performance of the membrane electrode assembly for DMFC

LIU Gui-cheng et al


Impregnation preparing of ZrP/PE01 composite membrane for VRB

WU Qiu-mei et al


High temperature and high rate performance of TiO2-coated LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2

DENG Dan-dan et al


Relation between EIS parameters and SOC change of LiFePO4 Li-ion battery

XI An-jing et al


Effects of degree of substitution of carboxymethyl cellulose sodium on anthraquinone cathode

WAN Jun-ling et al


Parameters matching and optimizing of battery for hybrid city bus

MA Zi-lin et al


Effect of high and low temperature on the performance of LiFePO4 power Li-ion battery

ZHAO Hong-fei et al


Trial producing the hybrid pseudo-capacitor with high specific energy

RUAN Dian-bo et al


Application of water-borne binder LA135 in Li-ion battery

ZHANG Sheng-li et al


Electrochemical performance of Li0.98M0.02Fe0.95V0.05PO4/C synthesized via high-temperature solid-state method

LI Ling et al


Negative electrode formula of LR6 battery for 1 200 mA galvanostatic continuous discharge

WU Tao et al


Synthesizing spinel LiMn2O4 by ultrasonic oscillation combined with liquid reduced method

LIN Yong et al


Status analysis of patent application for fuel cells

ZHU Ke et al


Research status quo of Li2MnO3-LiMO2 composite cathode materials

CHEN Yang-ying et al


Research progress in cathode materials for lithium-air battery

LOU Yong-bing et al


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Vol.42, Number 3(Serial No.215), Jun., 2012


Effects of electrolyte additive Na2CO3 on the performance of graphite electrode

LI Jia et al


Synthesis and electrochemical performance of nano-sized NiO anode material

LI Qiu-zhong et al


High capacitance retention PANI-Co3O4 synthesized by MnO2 oxidation method

WANG Fang-ping et al


Effect of resorcinol to melamine-formaldehyde aerogel catalyst

LI Liang-wei et al


Preparation of water-based gravure conductive ink for Li-ion battery

MEI Ming et al


Equalization experiments for 1 MW LiFePO4 energy storage Li-ion battery

LI You-ning et al


Effects of doping Co2+ on the electrochemical performance of Li3V2(PO4)3

HU De-peng et al


High rate charge-discharge performance of LiFePO4 Li-ion battery

ZHONG Hai-jiang et al


Electrochemical performance of hydrogen absorbing alloy/graphene composite

XIA Tong-chi et al


Effects of reheating treatment on the performance of 0.5Li2MnO3-LiNi0.5Mn0.5O2

ZHONG Zhuo-hong et al


Effects of calcium additive agents to the performance of sealed alkaline rechargeable nickel-zinc battery

TAN Zhi-yong et al


Preparation of 18650 type LiFePO4 Li-ion battery by direct sealing process

WEI Jun-hong et al


The use and maintenance of UPS battery

WEN Tao et al


Research progress in modification of key materials for lithium-sulfur battery

LI Hong et al


Research status quo of lithium iron silicate cathode materials for Li-ion battery

YANG Jing-long et al


Progress in graphene-based nanocomposite for Li-ion battery

PENG Li et al


Research progress in electrolyte materials for solid oxide fuel cell

WANG Ling et al


Determination of content of carbon and Co2P impurities in LiCoPO4

JU Hua et al


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Vol.42, Number 4(Serial No.216), Aug., 2012


Effect of discharge current density on alternating current impedance of DMFC

LIU Gui-cheng et al


Electrochemical performance of the Sn-Sb-Cu-O alloy anode materials

JIANG Qian-lei et al


Effect of montmorillonite on the performance of mesoporous carbon/sulfur composite electrode

LIU Hui et al


Effects of sintering temperature on electrochemical performance of LiNi0.8Co0.2O2

XIANG Xiao-chun et al


Synthesis and performance of 0.5Li2MnO3·0.5Li[Mn0.45Ni0.45Co0.1]O2

LI Zhi-tong et al


High temperature cycle performance of LiFePO4/C|graphite Li-ion battery

XU Rui et al


The improvement of discharge performance of Li-air battery

KANG Ya-nan et al


Electrochemical performance of Li3V2(PO4)3/C synthesized with P123 assisted

MA Jun et al


Application of dispersants in cathode material lithium iron phosphate

ZHANG Sheng-li et al


Preparation and performance of three-dimensional porous structure LiFePO4 electrode

WANG Qiu-ming et al


Study of Li-ion cells pack in parallel

LIU Xin-jun et al


Influence of binder and vacuum drying temperature on the performance of tin nano powder anode

SHEN Xiao-xiao et al


Characteristics of 18QNY1G20 type single pressure vessel hydrogen-nickel battery

LIN Gan-hong et al


Analysis of lead acid battery internal resistance based on sine wave scan stimulating

WEN Wei et al


Progress in application of graphene in Li-ion battery cathode materials

LU Lu et al


Research progress in aluminum alloy anodes for aluminum-air battery

LU Huo-qing et al


Research progress in inorganic-organic hybrid proton exchange membrane based on phosphonic (phosphoric) acid

GUO Zhi-han et al


Determination of impurity elements in zinc powder for alkaline Zn/MnO2 battery by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

XIE Hua-lin et al


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 (199, 206, 212, 215, 222, 228, 235)


Vol.42, Number 5(Serial No.217), Oct., 2012

Synthesis and electrochemical performance of LiFePO4 nanorods

GUO Xin et al


Performance of Li[Li0.2Mn0.54Co0.13Ni0.13]O2 coated with α-LiAlO2

CHEN Yu et al


Preparing graphene anode material via low temperature redox method

YANG Juan et al


Cycle stability of TiV1.1Mn0.9Ni0.5+20%ZrCr2 hydrogen storage composite

WANG Yan-zhi et al


Preliminary study on the stability of a direct methanol fuel cell

LIU Gui-cheng et al


Impact test of LiMn2O4 power battery under different temperatures

WANG Hong-wei et al


Effects of vinyl ethylene carbonate on the performance of Li-ion battery

YANG Guang et al


Effect of carbon black on the performance of gas diffusion electrode of lithium-air battery

MA Yu-lin et al


Electrochemical performance of Mg2NiH4 in-situ coated with nano-CuO

ZHU Jin-yu et al


Preparing manganese dioxide for supercapacitor by sol-gel method

WANG Jia-wei et al


The formula of anode with high energy density for Li-ion battery

WANG Guo-hong et al


Effect of WO3 to catalytic activity of carbon supported EMD for oxygen reduction

HUANG You-ju et al


Coating spinel lithium manganese oxide with aluminum oxide for Li-ion battery

ZHANG Jin-jin et al


Effects of ball-milling for EMD on electric performance of alkaline Zn/MnO2 battery

XU Yi-jun et al


Shelving ability of oxide silver zinc secondary battery with electrolyte

QIAN Qing-san


The analysis of patent application for new energy automobile in China

XU Guo-xiang et al


Research progress in graphene-based anode material for Li-ion battery

GAO Yun-lei et al


Approaches to support noble metal nanoparticles on carbon nanotube as catalyst

JIANG Yu-lin et al


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Vol.42, Number 6(Serial No.218), Dec., 2012

Overcharge safety of Li-ion battery with lithium cobalt oxide cathode

WANG Li et al


Performance of graphite/LiFePO4 battery after high temperature storage

LI Jia et al


Single PEMFC voltage distribution and balance analysis between the air velocity and fan system power consumption

 ZHU Xing-guang et al


Electrochemical performance of chromium sesquioxide coated with titanium oxide

LI Fei et al


Effects of magnetic impurities in lithium iron phosphate on self-discharge of battery

YANG Xu-lai et al


Preparing carbon coated lithium iron phosphate with ferric oxide as Fe source

ZHU Ling-zhi et al


Effects of zinc doping on the electrochemical performance of LiFePO4/C

ZUO Jing et al


Effects of electroless copper plating and heat treatment on La0.6Nd0.2Mg0.2Ni3.3Co0.3Al0.25

MA Yong-dong et al


Synthesizing cathode material large-particle spinel lithium manganate by solid-state method

XIONG Xue et al


Influences of terminal voltage on cycle performance of Li-ion battery

FAN Xiao-ping et al


Application of nano-HZSM-5/PAAS/KOH/PVA electrolyte in Zn/AgO battery

LIU He-hua et al


Effect of lithium salt concentration on performance of high-rate discharge Li-ion battery

YUAN Hui-jun et al


Lead oxide used as inhibitor substituted for mercury in silver-zinc reserve cell

SONG Yang et al


Improving of beading process for column Li-ion battery

ZHENG Yu-ying et al


Research progress in micro direct methanol fuel cell

WANG Yi-tuo et al


The application of ultrasonic welding technology in Li-ion battery industry

WANG Yu-tao et al


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