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2009, Vol.39


Battery Bimonthly ( Dianchi in Chinese)

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All Contents in English, Battery Bimonthly ( Dianchi in Chinese)


Vol.39, Number 1(Serial No.195), Feb., 2009

Hydrogen energy system & economic development of China

T.Nejat Veziroglu


PEO/PPC composite polymer electrolyte membrane for Li-ion battery

YU Xiao-yuan et al


Effects of pH value of surface electroplating Ni to the La-Mg-Ni hydrogen storage electrode

JIAO Yong-han et al


Activated carbon modified by vinyltrimethoxysilane for supercapacitor

REN Wei-jie et al


Current density distribution of a PEMFC with big active area

LIU Zhi-xiang et al


Electrochemical performance of spinel LiMn2O4 with Li and Al co-doping

WANG Shuang-cai et al


Preparation and performance of Ce0.9La0.1O2-δ electrolyte powders

SUN Yong-ping et al


Lithium metal phosphate compounds as cathode materials for Li-ion batteries——The potential of chemical power sources for EV and HEV()



Capacity characteristics of power lead-acid and LiFePO4 Li-ion batteries

LI Zhe et al


Design of PEMFC voltage monitor system based on USB

NIU Jing-bin et al


The performance of Li4Ti5O12 and analysis on the synthesis process

XU Jiang-feng et al


The preparing of 50 Ah LiFePO4 polymer Li-ion single cell

CHEN Xing-bao


Low temperature performance of LiFePO4 Li-ion battery

FENG Xiang-ming et al


Detecting internal resistance of VRLA battery based on phase-lock amplifier

TANG Xiu-fen et al


Research progress in complex/blend cathode materials for Li-ion battery

WANG Li-zhen et al


Research progress in durability of Pt/C catalysts for PEMFC

TANG Rong et al


Research status quo and prospects of valve regulated lead-acid battery

XIE Xiao-ying et al


Research progress and application prospects of aluminum air batteries

JU Ke-jiang et al


Leaching of spent Li-ion battery in ammoniacal and H2SO4 solution

LI Dun-fang et al


Determining Co content in LiCoxMnyNi1-x-yO2 by chemical analysis method

CHEN Ping et al


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News in brief



Vol.39, Number 2(Serial No.196), Apr., 2009

Preparation and performance of mesoporous NiO for supercapacitor

LIU Yan-ying et al


The performance of LiMn2O4/activated carbon supercapacitor

GAO Fei et al


Preparation and performance of cathode material Li1-xYxFePO4/C

BAI Yong-mei et al


PVDF based ion exchange membrane for all vanadium redox flow battery

LONG Fei et al


Electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol on electrodeposited PtRu catalyst

LI Jun-peng et al


Effect of degree of crystallization on the cycle performance of spinel LiMn2O4

SUN Yong-ming et al


Effects of overcharging on safety performance of Li-ion battery for electric bicycle

MIAO Dong-mei et al


Technology optimization of activated carbon electrochemical supercapacitors

ZHANG Yong et al


Effects of hexamethyldisilazane to the performance of LiMn2O4 electrode

LI Yong-kun et al


Performance of LiFePO4/C synthesized with humic acid as reductant

ZHOU Xue-chou et al


The performance of aluminum alloy after heat treatment in KOH solution

LIU Xiao-feng et al


Preparation and performance of cathode material LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4

ZHANG Sheng-li et al


The preparation and safety performance of AA size Li/FeS2 battery

PENG Ying et al


Silver transfer resistance ability of film for zinc-silver battery

DUAN Zhi-yu et al


The maintenance of valve regulated lead-acid battery for communication

ZHOU Shu-hui et al


Progress in overcharge protection additives for Li-ion battery

ZHANG Qian-yu et al


The review of methods to identify whether batteries are dangerous goods

GU Hao-fei et al


Research progress in TiO2 for Li-ion battery anode material

ZHANG Yu-xi et al


Research progress in Pt-based catalysts for anode of DMFC

GU Peng et al


Research status quo and prospect of lithium sulfur battery

PI Hua-bin et al


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Vol.39, Number 3(Serial No.197), Jun., 2009

Influences of electrodeposit current density on NiO/CNT composite electrode

YU Dan-na et al


Influence of binder on the performance of graphite anode

ZHUANG Quan-chao et al


Long-term durability of Pt-TiO2/C catalyst in high temperature PEMFC

LIU Xin et al


Pilot test production on doped and compounded LiMn2O4 by solid state method

LI Wen-cheng et al


Simulation of cold start characteristics of PEMFC at different current density

LI You-cai et al


Influence of electrolytic etching current collector Cu foil on the performance of anode

FAN Xing et al


Updated research and development status of Li-ion batteries——Report on the 215th Electrochemical Society Meeting

ZHENG Hong-he


Overcharge performance of LiCoO2-LiMn2O4 blended cathode

WANG Li-zhen et al


The influence factors of high rate discharge performance of Li-ion battery

QIN Yu-xia et al


The oxygen reduction performance of CoPc/C catalyst and gas diffusion electrode

CHEN Sheng-zhou et al


The performance of zinc electrode in electrolyte adding triethylaminediethylamine

GAO Peng et al


The performance of LiFePO4/CNT composite cathode material

LUO Shao-hua et al


Synthesis and electrochemical performance of cathode material Li1-4xTixFePO4

CHEN Meng et al


Anti vibration performance of LR6 battery

SHANG Jing-peng et al


The influence of over discharge on the performance of sintered Ni/MH battery

GUO Hong-xia et al


Survivaldevelopment and environmental protection of traditional battery industry

WAN Shun-ning et al


The application of electrolyte salt LiBOB in Li-ion battery

TAN Xiao-lan et al


Research progress in Pd-based electrocatalysts for fuel cells

LI Zi-hui et al


The review of preparation methods for cathode material spherical LiFePO4

YU Feng et al


Research progress in cathode materials for solid oxide fuel cell

SHEN Wei et al


Instructions for authors



News in brief

 (122, 128, 138, 155, 163, 172, 175)


Vol.39, Number 4(Serial No.198), Aug., 2009

Oxygen reduction activity and durability of Pt/C with different Pt particle size

ZHOU Zhi-min et al


The performance of ball-milled La2Mg17/M composite hydrogen storage material

LIU Jun-feng et al


Microwave sintering synthesis of LiNi0.5Mn0.5O2 positive electrode material

ZHU Xiao-pei et al


Catalytic oxidation ethanol performance of Pt3Sn/C prepared in micro-emulsion

LI Li-rong et al


Preparation and performance of cathode material Li3V2-xCrx(PO4)3/C

CHEN Ying-hua et al


The electrochemical performance of ZnO after surface modified with In(OH)3

XU Song et al


High temperature performance of Li[Li0.182Ni0.182Co0.091Mn0.545]O2

GAN Chao-lun et al


Performance of PVA/Nb2O5 based composite alkaline solid polymer electrolyte

CHEN Zhong-yuan et al


Sulfur-containing polyphosphazene as cathode material for Li/S battery

MA Li-ping et al


The reasons of rapid decline in cycle life of Li-ion battery

WU Yun et al


Study of low temperature performance of Li-ion battery

WANG Hong-wei et al


Effects of binuclear metal phthalocyanine compounds to Li/SOCl2 battery

WANG Ji-feng et al


EPMA of EMD electrolyzed by Cu cathode

Takehara Hisao


Influence factors on -40 discharge of polymer Li-ion battery

CHEN Xing-bao


The application of new testing module for Li button cell

ZHANG Jing-peng et al


Carbon material graphene and its application in electrochemical capacitor

CHU Ying et al


Research progress in polymer modified Nafion membrane

JIE Xue-fei et al


Research progress in direct borohydride fuel cell

LEI Shu et al


Status quo and problems of the nano-cathode materials for Li-ion battery

LIN Xiao-yuan et al


Research progress in electrolyte lithium salt lithium oxalyldifluoroborate

CUI Xiao-ling et al


News in brief

 (194, 202, 205, 210, 213, 232)


Vol.39, Number 5(Serial No.199), Oct., 2009

Synthesis and performance of Li-ion battery cathode material Li3V2(PO4)3

CHEN Fei et al


Structure and electrochemical performance of Mg2+ doped LiFePO4/C

HU Lin et al


Effects of Sr2+ doping on the electrochemical performance of LiFePO4

XU Ming et al


Segmentation identification algorithm for fuel cell polarization curve

SHEN Xiao-yan et al


Synthesis and performance of Ni-Sn-Co electrode material

LI Qiu-zhong et al


Performance improving of perovskite type catalyst LaNi0.8Co0.2O3

CAO Xing et al


Electrochemical performance of spinel LiMn2O4 coated with TiO2

FENG Chuan-qi et al


Optimization of air cooling heat dissipation structure for Ni/MH battery strip module

CUI Wei et al


Electrochemical performance of Li-ion battery using LiBC2O4F2 electrolyte

DENG Ling-feng et al


Hollow nickel fibre felt for current collector of Ni/MH battery

LIU Juan et al


Preparation of γ-NiOOH and its application in alkaline Zn/MnO2 battery

YANG Wen-jing et al


The performance of Li1+xMnO1.92F0.08 synthesized by rheological phase method

CAI Zhi et al


Sonochemistry preparation and performance of MnO2/acetylene black

WEN Jian-Guo et al


Superiority and potential of Mn-based materials in chemical power sources()



Progress in modification of BaCoO3-based oxygen permeation membrane material by A or B-site doping

ZHANG Ji et al


Progress in the additives to improve the safety performance of Li-ion battery

XING Tao-feng et al


Application status quo of dimethyl ether(DME)in fuel cell

YANG Tao et al


Research progress in supercapacitor used transition metal oxides

ZHANG Fei et al


The comparison of Li-ion battery internal short circuit test methods

WEI Hong-bing et al


News in brief 

(246, 250, 284, 287)


Vol.39, Number 6(Serial No.200), Dec., 2009

Effects of current density and temperature on the performance of VRB

SUN Chen-xi et al


The performance of nano-MnO2 prepared by interfacial technique

XU Xiao-cun et al


The synthesis and performance of Ag embedded LiFePO4/C

WANG Lian-Liang et al


The analysis and particle size of EMD semi product after neutralization()

Takehara Hisao


The design and combined consistency of the horizontal zinc-air battery

ZHU Mei et al


Research progress in Sb-based anode materials for Li-ion battery

WANG Meng-wei et al


A new lithium salt——lithium oxalyldifluoroborate

FU Mao-hua et al


Military application of high rate chargeable Li-ion battery

GUO Zhen et al


The recovery of cobalt from spent Li-ion battery

ZHANG Yang et al


To meet the challenge from carbon tariffs by developing the advanced third generation photovoltaic panels to generate clean powers

HE Zuo-xiu


Research and development status quo of Ni/MH battery system for HEV

LOU Yu-wan et al


Current problem and perspectives of lead-acid battery industry in China

ZHAO Rui-rui et al


The performance of Pt loaded on pre-treated CNT for methanol oxidation

CHEN Chan et al


Structure and performance of Co-Si alloy prepared by arc melting method

LIU Guang et al


Solid-state synthesizing of LiFePO4/C composites and effects of carbon source

WANG Guo-bao et al


The performance of T5TFSI used in electrolyte of Li-ion battery

DONG Si-ming et al


Polymer membranes with different morphology formed by PMMA/PVDF composite

ZHANG Han-ping et al


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